lycopene 10000 mcg, Grape seed extract 150mg, methylcobalamin 750mcg, Vit B2 10 mg, Vit B6 3mg, calcium pantothenate 12.5 mg, Niacinamide 50mg, Vit C 100mg, Vit A 5000 I. U., Vit D3 500 I.U., Vit E 25 I.U., Vit K2-7 50 mcg, Zinc Sulphate 61mg, Choline bitrate 1000mcg, magnesium sulphate 1.5 mg, magnesium oxide 10mg, calcium citrate 50mg, chromium chloride 65mcg, selenium 60mcg, zeaxanthin, 8% 800mcg, lutein 8% 4mg




  • Most potent antioxidant that shows superior properties over other antioxidant such as alpha-tocopherol, alpha carotene, beta carotene and lutein.
  • No Interaction with other circulating carotenoids.
  • Increase sperm concentration in the management of idiopathic infertility


  • Vital Role in the prevention of aging related degenerative deseases


  • Boost immune system