Goutocal Forte

Calcium Carbonate1250mg,Calcitriol 0.25mcg,Vit K2-7 45mcg, Zinc7.5mg,Methylcobalmin 1500mcg,L-Methylfolate 800mcg, Magnesium50mg



-Effective Treatment of Hypoparathyroidism during pregnancy with no ill effects on baby.

Important for the absorption of calcium from the stomach& intestine promote the proper functioning of calcium in the body.

Calcium carbonate
-The most soluble Calcium form absorbed completely Even in presence of food.

Provide maximum calcium for quicker absorption.

– One of two forms of biologically active vitamin B12

РPrimary biologically active isomer of folic acid and the primary form of  folate in circulation.

Zinc & Magnesium– Improve bone matrix and density

help in building strong bones,treating  osteoarthritis and muscle coordination.

Vitamin k2 7
– profound impact on bioavailability & kinetics of calcium

Prevents arterial clacification